Get to know me!

My name is Janelle Smithson (she/her) and I live in Chicago, IL.

My background is a high school educator, teaching classes that include psychology, economics, sports, and history. I've always appreciated how design can be used to put the user first and provide a fun and equitable experience. Despite being excitingly new to the field, my educational experience has exposed me to design, which is why I am making the career move! As I collaborate and develop in the field, I look forward to utilizing my knowledge to improve how and what I design.

When I'm not designing I enjoy being outdoors, traveling, re-learning to play piano, hanging out with my dog, reading (currently: Teaching Transgressions and Design for Belonging), watching sports (Go Steelers!), and volunteering in a local urban garden.

I'm passionate about design, education, the environment, history, and creating community.